JIES access and other details

The organizing team is thrilled to welcome you to Edcamp Tokyo 2015 in Harajuku. The event starts at 9:00am and we ask that participants arrive punctually in order to participate in the collaborative organization process. It’s also helpful to have one or two session ideas in mind ahead of time so that we have something to ‘play with’ right away.

Please find important details about the day below.

Access to JIES

Jingumae International Exchange School shares a campus with Jingumae Elementary School. We are located behind Omotesando Hills. Please visit the school website access page for directions, maps, and parking instructions. The JIES entrance is on the Southeast of the campus.

Lunch and snacks

The school is happy to provide coffee, tea, and light snacks for the day. Edcamp Tokyo participants should bring their own lunches or plan to eat out. There are dozens of restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores in the immediate area. Those who plan to bring a lunch are welcome to use the refrigerator and microwave.

Internet access

Access to the school WIFI will be provided. Organization and collaborative note taking will take place via Google Apps on our planning document and public Google Drive folder.

Questions & comments

If you have questions, please post them to the Edcamp Tokyo Google+ Community or on Twitter with the #EdcampTokyo hashtag. Someone else may have the same question, or a better answer than the organizers! Can’t wait to play together on Saturday! Please also leave ideas and comments on the Edcamp Tokyo Idea Wall padlet.

Now let’s play!!


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