Logistics & Arrival Details for Saturday

Here are a few logistical details to help make sure our day goes smoothly:

Getting to YIS
Directions to YIS are here. Please note that you will need to use the playground gate entrance to the school. When you come up from Motomachi-Chukagai station, continue across the cross-walk in front of YIS and go straight down the hill. You will see the playground gate on your left. This is the only door that will be open on Saturday morning because it’s the closest to the cafeteria (where we will start the day).

Our day starts at 9am in the Cafeteria and finishes at 4pm in the Cafeteria.

We will have the playground open for parking on Saturday at a first-come-first-served basis. There is space for around 15 cars. If the lot is full, there is paid parking around the corner.

Please make sure to bring a device with you that can access Google Drive documents. We’ll be using a Google Doc to organize the sessions, so you’ll need to be able to check that document from anywhere on campus. Guest wifi details will be provided on Saturday morning.

We are all set for lunch! Thank you for all your lunch orders! If you have not yet ordered lunch and would like to have a delicious meal (Turkish flatbread with chicken, beef or falafel) provided by Zest, please bring JPY1,500 with you Saturday. If you haven’t ordered lunch yet, but plan to buy on Saturday, please let me know which option you’d like (chicken, beef or falafel) so Zest can prepare enough meals. We’ll collect payment as you arrive on Saturday morning.


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